Brave Pirate

Brave Pirate 2.1

Brave Pirate presents thrilling game about pirate's adventures!

Brave Pirate 1.0 is a free arcade game. Navigate the seas as a pirate shooting other ships and recollecting treasures. At the main menu you can configure general options like full or window view, activate or deactivate music and sound and define your country. You can easily control the ship using the arrow keys in your keyboard and for shooting use the Ctrl key. In the main screen you will also find a section for high scores and help. The objective is to find four pieces of an ancient map so you will have to fight other pirates to get them. As more pieces you have more attacked you will get since everybody want those pieces. The maps are located in fortified towns around the periphery of the sea, there you will find traps, but you can make your trip smoother if you collect bonus and prizes that will appear in your trip. The program has good graphics and runs real smooth. Among the bonus and traps you will find money, healing hearts, bottles of wine that will make harder to control the ship, skulls that will take one life out from you and weapons.

Augusto Rivera
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  • It has fun additions among the traps and bonus


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